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December 15th, 2020


One Motivational Speaker. One Recreational Vehicle. Zero Experience...


New indie movie MOTORVATION has only been on the film festival circuit for less than two weeks and has already won multiple awards.


MOTORVATION is a heart-filled romantic comedy, family-friendly, feature film due to be released in 2021.


A small town janitor / motivational speaker stumbles along through life, until he has a revelation about the way people should truly live. He promptly begins 'un-motivating' the masses and it quickly all starts to go pear-shaped. At the heart of MOTORVATION is the message that happiness can exist with who we are now if we just stop striving after tomorrow and live life for today.

MOTORVATION has been well received on the film festival circuit having been officially selected for 6 International Film Festivals, and so far winning 11 awards, including Best Feature Film at the Florence Film Awards in Italy and Best Comedy Film at the European Cinematography Awards.


Lead Actor Angus Benfield has won two awards for Best Actor at the Canadian Cinematography Awards and the New York Cinematography Awards, along with Motorvation's editor Cliff Goldsmith, taking out the Best Editing Award at the Canadian Cinematography Awards and at the New York Cinematography Awards.

Benfield is also the writer/creator of the film. With theatrical release set for early 2021 this sweet independent film is already receiving a lot of interest from distributors, keep an eye out for MOTORVATION in cinemas in 2021.

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