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THE HOLY ROLLER is a comedy drama feature film released in 2010


Where his journey ends his destiny begins...

A small town pastor with a big heart finds himself getting caught up in a world that he never intended, he must make things right or risk losing everything.

Pastor Luke has always known that he possessed the God-given power to inspire people, but he's never had more than a few, paltry parishioners in his small town on which to bestow his glorious gift. When he moves to the city, and begins to achieve great success as a televangelist, he thinks he's finally fulfilling God's plan. It's only when he almost loses his new ministry, and the woman he loves, that he finds the courage to become the man God truly called him to be. THE HOLY ROLLER shows us that the only thing more important than having the faith to begin, is the courage to begin again.

Cast: Angus Benfield · Mark Hadlow · Victoria Abbott · Jeremy Brennan · Michael Maxwell · Martin Howells · Ron Rodger · Simon Barnett · Jason Gunn

Director:  Patrick Gillies

Writer:  Angus Benfield

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"This is an appealing movie for a variety of reasons. It is contemporary, has a unique point of view, and is humorous and also is family friendly. The movie features the theme that all things are possible and to give God time to restore things when life is not pleasant. This energetic film features a unique storyline, solid acting, and some laughs along the way."

"We award The Holy Roller the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 12+"

— Edwin L. Carpenter -

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