SPANKY is a family / comedy feature film currently in development with production due to begin in 2020.

Every child needs a friend. When a boy is given a pet tarantula named SPANKY he soon discovers that the tarantula has a unique ability which protects him from bullies and anyone else who dares to get in his way. 


Tim is relentlessly bullied at school. He is raised by his loving but struggling single mother and longs for the brief and random visits of his estranged father who appears out of nowhere with wild adventurous stories while all the time his poor mother is grounded in reality looking after Tim and trying to keep a roof over their heads. However, things change when Tim’s dad gives him a birthday present much to his mother’s horror - a pet TARANTULA...but this is not like any pet tarantula as Tim soon finds out that SPANKY is bio-engineered giving him special and unique abilities, and was also stolen and now his owners are looking for him. Now Tim, his best friend Sammie and his mom will need to use their brains and wits to protect SPANKY no matter what. 

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