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SPANKY is a family-friendly/comedy currently in development.

Every child needs a friend

A lonely boy receives a pet tarantula for his birthday and soon discovers that it has special and unique abilities. 


Tim is relentlessly bullied at school, but finds solace in his passion for insects and arachnids, he was four when he drew a picture of himself holding a pet tarantula next to his mom and dad, across the page he had scrawled the word spider as SPANKY. Now Tim is living with his loving, but struggling, single mother, and longs for the brief and random visits of his estranged, eccentric, Australian father, who from time to time appears out of nowhere with wild, adventurous stories to tell Tim. Things begin to change when Tim’s dad appears for Tim's birthday giving him a pet TARANTULA he names SPANKY. SPANKY protects Tim from the bullies at school and the two soon develop a special bond, however this is not like any ordinary pet tarantula as Tim soon finds out that SPANKY has special and unique abilities and was stolen from a now-angry, biomedical scientist who will stop at nothing to get him back. Tim, his best friend Sammie and his mom, will need to use their brains, wits, and Spanky's special abilities, to keep his newfound-furry-friend safe.

Writer:  Angus Benfield

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