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February 10th, 2021


HEAVEN seems to have found a niche market of movie goers as they found themselves in the top 10 at the box office this month.


With top American Theater chain CINEMARK picking up HEAVEN for an exclusive second theatrical release throughout their cinemas nationwide on January 22nd, small-budget faith-based movie, HEAVEN has been somewhat of a David competing amongst Hollywood Giants. Up against films such as The Marksman starring Liam Neeson, News of the World with Tom Hanks and The new Croods movie, all with multi-million dollar budgets and big stars, it seems HEAVEN has more than managed to hold it's own, still landing itself in the top 10.


Distributed by LAMA distribution, a self-proclaimed "distribution company for the independent film that might not otherwise see theatrical release," HEAVEN is their first project, and their tactic has been one of a grass-roots style, all hands on deck, as they personally approached, currently film-starved cinemas during the pandemic. LAMA has found that theaters were surprisingly very respondent towards screening a small independent film like HEAVEN. 

Choosing to charge less money per ticket than bigger budget films with $5 screenings so that more people could go and see it during this financially difficult time, HEAVEN still managed to find themselves in the top 10.


With blockbuster films continuing to hold off on theatrical release for fear of losing money, it seems the small independent films are one of the main reasons to thanks for keeping our remaining cinemas open and afloat.


Heaven is now currently screening across Puerto Rico with Spanish Subtitles throughout CARIBBEAN CINEMAS.

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