STRONGEST MAN ALIVE is an epic sports / drama feature film currently in development.

Life is tough...get stronger!

A father must compete in the STRONGEST MAN ALIVE competition in order to retain custody of his son.

John Williams wants nothing more than to escape the world which he has fallen into, struggling day in and day out to care for and meet the needs of his 12 year old son Sam. When Sam's mother Tracy appears on on the scene after years of absence, demanding custody, John is determined to fight to keep his son. Not having the money to get the lawyer needed to win the custody battle he comes across a flyer for tryouts for the STRONGEST MAN ALIVE competition where the winner's prize is $72,000, an amount of money that would not only pay for the lawyer but give him and Sam a new start. Through his new friend Felicity, John is introduced to an old recluse strong man named The Iron Cowboy. John must now convince Iron Cowboy to train him well enough so that he can beat the Latvian champ Valdis Ozols. John must now find the courage, strength and perseverance to fight for his son and win the competition to become the STRONGEST MAN  ALIVE!

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