UNCLE MELVIN is a family-friendly comedy feature film currently in development.

Can this unlikely hero save the day?

A boy and his new 'Manny' must work together to thwart the plans of a mismatched group of bumbling kidnappers.

Fatty Melvin is working as a janitor in a toy store in New York at Christmas time when he accidentally knocks over a large expensive display causing him to lose his job. A young loner boy (Phillip) who is there shopping with his mother (Lucy) finds Fatty's blunder very amusing. Fatty leaves the store only to get hit by the very wealthy Lucy's limousine on his way out and after apologizing profusely, offers him a ride home. On the way, Phillip and Fatty develop an unlikely rapport and a week later, in desperation, Lucy appears and offers Fatty a job as Phillip's 'manny'. Nick-named UNCLE MELVINFatty soon discovers the real reason that Phillip's past nannies have quit as he becomes the focus of Phillip's many elaborate pranks. Meanwhile Lucy has become the target of a disgruntled ex-business partner bent on revenge, who pulls together a bumbling crew and plans to kidnap the boy in return for a ransom. Fatty and Phillip must now put aside their differences and work together using Phillip's pranks to outwit the kidnappers and protect Lucy at all costs.