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BRIDGE & ACORN ENTERTAINMENT has a philosophy is that every movie we make should have an inspiring message behind it, and so we have started THE MESSAGE BEHIND THE MOVIE: a department publishing books that encompass the original intended message behind the movie corresponding with it's release.


Our first publication was released in June 2020 and is the book THE FATTY MELVIN WAY which encompasses the original intended message behind the movie MOTORVATION due to be released in late 2020. This book is based on the notebook The Fatty Melvin Way within the movie. THE FATTY MELVIN WAY is available on Amazon in paperback and digital and new books are currently in development.


THE FATTY MELVIN WAY: Angus Benfield, writer and creator of the movie MOTORVATION, shares his motivational message behind the movie in his book THE FATTY MELVIN WAY which addresses the big questions in life, inspiring the reader to live their best life without sugar coating it in your typical motivational fashion. It is intended to encourage, inspire and enthuse the reader whilst helping them to take a good hard look at themselves and investigate and unpack where their thought patterns and ideals may have truly come from and teaches the reader how to recognize, scrutinize and separate the truths from the lies. The Fatty Melvin Way explores the true meaning of life and is a book intended to help the reader navigate a way through their current position in life whilst giving them steps and truths along the way in order to help them find their way to the life they truly desire and uncover their true identity through the re-writing of their story.