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MOTORVATION is a multi-award-winning, family-friendly/romantic-comedy.

One Motivational Speaker. One Recreational Vehicle. Zero Experience.

A small-town janitor / motivational speaker, stumbles along through life, until he has a personal revelation and begins 'un-motivating' the town, turning everything upside down in the process.


MOTORVATION is a heart-filled, romantic comedy about Robert Melvin, an awkward, lovable small-town janitor that comes from a long line of successful motivational speakers, but just doesn't seem to have the gift. After a tragedy in the family, Robert is forced to re-evaluate his life and finds himself having to face all his fears head on with the encouragement of some motivation from his beloved big brother. At the heart of MOTORVATION is the message that happiness is not found in the love of money, material things or the hope of tomorrow, but is found in the now, if we would just choose to live our lives for today.

Writer:  Angus Benfield

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