LUNA RUSH is a Sci-Fi series currently in development.

The race is on! 

In the year 2070 in outer space, the US races China to be the first country to mine Helium-3, the cheapest and most powerful energy source in the universe, the only problem is, someone or some thing has beaten them to it.


One of the largest meteorites in our solar system - LUNA X - has been discovered to hold large mineral deposits of Helium-3, enough to power the entire globe for the next 1000 years. This causes a global LUNA RUSH as each country is determined to be the first to mine this new life-changing energy, with the first two countries, China and the USA, leading the race. An independent space mission in the US led by Multi Billionaire Yanick Milton, launches a mining team to LUNA X...but at the same time in China, Hua Guang, the self made Billionaire launches his own team. The two teams are thrust into a rival land rush on the meteorite unlike anything seen since the early colonial settlement days. Upon arriving on LUNA X, the two parties soon discover that they are in fact not alone as members of their teams start mysteriously disappearing. The two rivals are now forced to put aside their differences and form an alliance to fight the thing that wants them all dead.