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September 7th 2021

New Faith-Based Drama


Releasing to Home Entertainment on October 5



Film based on the highly acclaimed novel shares an inspiring story of life and afterlife.


Franklin, TN - Collide Distribution is preparing to launch the home entertainment release for the feature-length drama HEAVEN. After a successful theatrical run that included HEAVEN being held over in theaters for a 10 week run, the film will be available on October 5 through all major VOD platforms, physical DVD and Blu-ray.  Pre-orders can be completed at


View the trailer here:


Created by Bridge & Acorn Entertainment, the film is based on the highly acclaimed book “Heaven: The Adventure Begins” by author Alan Duprey and adapted to screenplay by Angus Benfield.


“I wanted the story to have a unique view of both Heaven and Earth,” explains Duprey. “There is so much hidden suffering in the world and this film brings comfort and clarity to hears that are broken by the desperate struggles and decisions they have made in the past, the present, and the future.”


HEAVEN tells the story of Jonathan Stone, a middle-aged paramedic who struggles to find meaning in the midst of his everyday life until he wakes up one day in Heaven and discovers that his life had more meaning than he could have ever imagined. Set between Heaven and Earth, HEAVEN follows the life and afterlife of Jonathan and the lives of those around him, from his past, present, and future.


HEAVEN stars Eric Roberts (THE DARK KNIGHT, THE EXPENDABLES), Angus Benfield (NCIS: Los Angeles), Michelle Fouzounmayeh (A CHAMPION HEART), Michael Maclane (The Young and the Restless), Tavarus Weems (ALIEN RISING), Gina Simms (The Encounter), and Juliet Rusche (Made for Love).  Benfield also brings the story to life in the role of the director.


“The story is very dreamlike, but we wanted it to also have a very relatable, real-world feel,” shares Benfield. “Ultimately this is a story of hope. That no matter what the circumstance, no matter how dark your life may feel at any given moment, your life matters. God made each of our lives to impact others in incredible ways we can’t imagine.”


About Virgil Films: Virgil Films & Entertainment is an independent distribution company that was founded in 2003 by Joe Amodei to acquire, market, and distribute feature films and episodic television programming into the digital, TV and DVD/Blu-ray market on a worldwide basis. Over the years the company has enjoyed partnerships with Sundance Channel Home Entertainment, National Geographic Cinema Ventures, Pure Flix Entertainment, Sight & Sound Theatres, Network Entertainment, PCH Films, and other high-profile entertainment brands. Releases from Virgil Films include the Oscar-nominated documentary Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me and the critically acclaimed, timeless, best-selling Forks Over Knives.  They have also released the award-winning documentary Miss Representation; the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo and its sequel Korengal. Follow them on twitter: @virgilfilms |


About Collide Distribution: Collide Distribution, a division of Collide Media Group, specializes in downstreaming home entertainment distribution through UPHE Content Group. Collide Media Group was formed in 2016 by veteran Christian entertainment marketing executive Bob Elder with a mission dedicated to “elevating media that inspires a deeper relationship with Christ.”  The Collide team has worked on over 50 Faith-Based films, creating and executing marketing campaigns that have generated billions of impressions and resulted in hundreds of millions of ticket transactions. The Group is officed in historic downtown Franklin, Tennessee.


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