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GUS is a family-friendly/comedy currently in currently in pre-production, filming August 2023.

Ventriloquism just got real

A down-on-his-luck ventriloquist serendipitously acquires a dummy that is alive, it would seem all his dreams are about to come true, however his jealous rival, a big-time ventriloquist has other ideas...


Mark Stevens is a divorced, disappointed, down-on-his-luck ventriloquist living in Las Vegas, unfortunately his act has seen better days and his rival, big-time ventriloquist Jeff Factor, is dominating the ventriloquism scene. On the way home from work one day Mark has an accident in which his dummy and thus his career, end up in pieces on the side of the road. When Factor demands more money from the network, they make a decision to look for a less expensive act and Mark somehow finds himself in with a chance at the big-time! Now he just needs to find a new! He mysteriously meets a man in a magic shop who gives him GUS, a dummy that magically starts talking to Mark and begins to help him pull his personal and professional life, back seems like with GUS and his new act, nothing could possibly stop him getting to the top now, but there is no way Factor is going to let that happen...

Writer:  Angus Benfield

gus new poster (1)_edited.jpg
gus new poster (1)_edited.jpg
gus new poster (1)_edited.jpg
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