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FELIX is a faith-based drama currently in development.

Help is on the way

An Angel working in a low level job in Heaven's accounting department answers a distress call from earth.

Sunny Peaks nursing home is a quiet and peaceful place run by young couple, Phillip and Laura Daniels who are also about to start a family. Phillip and Laura are doing their best to keep the run down nursing home they inherited from Laura's family from going under but things take a turn from bad to worse when a development group wanting to buy the land won't take no for an answer. In a final act of desperation Laura calls out to God for the first time since she was a child and the next day a homeless man appears…his name is FELIX and he offers to volunteer and help out at the nursing home, but there is something odd about FELIX...FELIX weaves through the lives of the residents and staff at Sunny Peaks like a breath of fresh air and rumors begin to spread that he may very well be an angel...

Writer:  Angus Benfield 


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