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LAMA DISTRIBUTION was formed in 2020 as a distribution branch of BRIDGE & ACORN ENTERTAINMENT to serve their ongoing needs of theatrical distribution, and was originally compiled of a film distribution team residing in LA and Massachusetts - LA / MA.


In October 2020 - March 2021, LAMA DISTRIBUTION managed a successful theatrical release of their first project HEAVEN on 500 + cinema screens throughout the US and South America, when big studios backed out on cinemas, LAMA DISTRIBUTION supported them, even in the height of the pandemic and despite many cinemas being closed. LAMA ENTERTAINMENT was born soon after as a production branch.

Theatrical distribution has been a service, to this point, that has been controlled heavily by a select group of large distributors who act as gatekeepers to cinemas across the US, charging incredibly high fees for booking a film theatrically and making it near impossible for independents to ever see theatrical release.

Having worked in distribution since 2000 and wanting to champion independent filmmakers here in the US, LAMA DISTRIBUTION now has a personal database and relationship with over 7,000 screens, theatre owners and film buyers, in order to support independent filmmakers and cinemas, making theatrical release a possibility for all.

BRIDGE AND ACORN ENTERTAINMENT is built on a foundation of over 25 years of film and television experience and is the result of the merging of two successful production companies formed over the years


Producing several Australian and US co-productions with China including High Rollers - a Chinese/Australian feature completed in 2019.

Starting in production in New Zealand, and Australia in 2000, BENFIELD STUDIOS are a team that have worked also on multiple recent US feature film productions including Trust, Motorvation and Heaven - spanning 2018-2022.

Founder Angus Benfield merged these 2 companies, and has worked on multiple projects encapsulating over 30 years of award winning producing, writing and directing along with distribution and film investment and is professionally associated with projects in Australia, New Zealand, China and the US, including Feature films Meet Me In Miami, Wait Up Harriet, The Holy Roller and many other productions. Benfield also has the advantage of having worked in front of the camera as a prominent and award winning actor globally for many generations in film, television, commercials, non-broadcast and new media.

With over 30 years of experience and a think-outside-of-the-box attitude, now LAMA ENTERTAINMENT & BRIDGE AND ACORN ENTERTAINMENT are creating a new model of motion picture production, with an outlook for lower-risk, higher-return-of-investment films, with shorter production schedules, lower budgets and a back-to-back slate, resulting in increased content, less risk and lower investment whilst producing high-end, premium motion picture films for the domestic and global foreign market, on all distribution platforms from theatrical to online.

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